Product introduction

From food-related machines - particularly packaging machines - right through to automatic feeding machines, we design machinery tailored to customer requests and particular product specifications. We also develop customized machines to satisfy unique customer requests.

Packaging Machines

Tenchi Sangyo has the answers for all your confectionery and food individual packaging requirements.
Adding automatic feeding machines carefully selected to suit the product enables further packaging machine efficiency and labor saving to be achieved.

Packaging Machine

Food Processing Machines

Inefficient manual work can be mechanized, such as making cream sandwich-type cookies and sembei rice crackers, and norimaki thin seaweed rolls for beika rice crackers.


Automatic Feeding Machines

Our automatic feeding machines can be connected to both our and other manufacturers’ packaging machines across a wide range of products, including confectionery such as candies, chocolates, cookies, and beika rice crackers, foods such as salami sausages, and cheese, and pharmaceuticals.


Customized Machines

We develop entirely-new machine concepts, with custom designs to suit specific product specifications or downstream process line transition of products coming out of the manufacturing process.


CARTONING MACHINE MODEL TC-320 (for Sheet Chewing Gum)

- Cartoner which can count, stack, and insert sheet chewing gum.

Main Specifications

Maximum 100 carton/minute (varies depending on products and specifications)
Printer, print checker, and hot melt
Sheet chewing gum

CARTONING MACHINE MODEL TC-330 (for Powder Sticks)

- Cartoner which can count, stack, and insert powder stick pillow products and three-way seal products.

Main Specifications

Maximum 35 carton/minute (varies depending on products and specifications)
Printer and print checker
Stick pillow products, three-way seal products


This machine packs cartons by shaping a sheet, inserting individually packaged and counted products, wrapping a sleeve around the inner packaging, and affixing the sheet with hot melt.

Main Specifications

30〜40 boxes/minute
Chocolate, candies, gum, etc.